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Don't read this if you own a helium tank.

When I think of going camping with our two daughters I can't help but feel stressed out. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love being outdoors and traveling but doing so with two small children is not an easy task. Not only are you packing for yourself, but also for the kids. (If you are over the age of 18 PLEASE PACK YOUR OWN SHIT!) This involves so much work.

First, you have to figure out how long you will be gone, and for me at least, this can take between 1-30 days to get a straight answer from the husband.

Next, you will need to figure out what to pack. This includes clothing, food, toys, etc. Now, don't forget to pack extra of everything. Trust me, being crowded with extra supplies is way more enjoyable than having to explain why there are no more goldfish and oreos. You will also need to accept the fact that your children will look like hobos. People will probably stare when you're eating at Cracker Barrel on your way back home but constantly trying to keep your child clean is just absurd. Plus, kids love making messes so just let them be dirty all day and semi-clean at night. As for toys, I find buying a new toy for them to open is really smart. Way ahead of our time if you ask me. Just don't tell them until you arrive at the campsite. Another great option is to camp with another family with kids. Bringing band aids would be my third option.

Lastly, go ahead and start drinking that 12-pack early. It will help you feel more relaxed and allow you to laugh at things you wouldn't normally laugh at. With all this being said, I really don't hate camping with our kids! I actually love to see them have fun and play outside. Yes, it can get overwhelming at times but just remember how constructive it actually is.

To complete your quest for fun, don't forget to take lots of pictures or videos. (Yes, just like that annoying aunt at family reunions.) Take them of yourself too. It's amazing to see how much you change in as little as 10 years. Well, that's all for now so let's get out there and be stressed! Also, watch the movie A Simple Favor if you don't understand the helium tank reference.

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